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Husa Expansion

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More than 60 associate hotels

The Husa Group has made the benefits of belonging to a large chain without any loss of independence accessible to stand-alone businesses since 1996. After almost 15 years in business, Husa Service now has more than 60 associate hotels.

The services most highly valued by associate businesses are advice in legal, financial, fiscal, labour, training and marketing matters and the efficiency of the Central Booking Office – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – by telephone or Internet.

You can make reservations through the Husa Group Web site using truly effective search criterion to select the most suitable establishment depending on personal taste, style and preferred destination. Internet reservations have grown year on year since this Web site began.

Varieties of Husa Service

Husa Service allows you to do business with the Husa Group in three different ways:

Administration and Management

The Husa Group has put its more than 80 years of experience at your service in order to help you optimise the use of your resources and improve your running costs: staff, consumption of raw materials, general costs, promotion and the many other variables that make up your business will attain more appropriate ratios for optimal functioning.


Husa Group guarantees you a periodic income that allows you not to worry about the day-to-day running of your business. We’ll keep you abreast of your establishment’s progress and will look after it as though it were our own.


If you have an independent business and would like to join a large hotel group, this method will allow you to retain your characteristic identity while giving you significant commercial support. We offer the following services to our associate businesses:

  • A large marketing team that carries out numerous visits to agencies and companies.
  • Publication of the establishment in all Husa Group’s general publications and its Web site.
  • GDS inclusion with their own code.
  • Deals with the main national and international agencies and tour operators.
  • Attendance, representing the hotels, at the main national and international fairs in the sector.
  • Collaboration in creating presentations and familiarization trips with the main agencies in the sector.
  • A fully computerised, free sale Central Booking Office.
  • A Central Purchasing Office with large discounts. The Husa Group’s purchasing power means it is offered very favourable prices by major suppliers.
  • Legal, financial, fiscal, labour, training and marketing advice.
  • The option of using the Group’s logo.

For further information

Please contact us. We will be delighted to answer all your questions and explain the advantages of Husa Service in detail.

Please contact Patricia Méndez. Tel: 91 334 49 00; e-mail:

Husa Expansion

The Husa hotel chain has established an ambitious expansion strategy that aims for growth through the creation of fashionable hotels in strategic locations and the incorporation of centrally located hotels in the main European capital cities as well as in North Africa.

Husa is also developing its Hotelandgo, brand of hotels in collaboration with local and national promoters. These hotels are aimed at customers who consume quality products at an affordable price.

For further information

Please contact Robin Chalier. Tel: 93 510 13 00; e-mail: